Professional Midwife Labor & Birth Kit - 5 Tincture Blends

A nice professional tincture kit for managing labor and birth, that is complete enough to be appreciated by practitioners who are herbalists, but basic enough to be used by those who are new to herbal medicine as well. Simple printed instructions inside the kit and on the bottles make it easy to use with confidence. Clients who want or need some assistance but wish to avoid the side effects of prescription medications will appreciate this gentler approach.

The zippered plastic case is easy to clean and disinfect. One side is transparent, and the label can be flipped around so that the instructions can be read through the case. The other side is translucent, and the labels show through well enough to read in dim light. Individual bottle labels include dosage information.

Each tincture is a full ounce in amber glass, with a lovely rose-gold and black dropper with marked glass pipette. One ounce will last for many births, since these are full-saturation "mother extract" tinctures, not diluted like commercially-prepared products.

Black cohosh
Blue cohosh
Can be used alone or with other induction methods.

Squawvine (partridgeberry)
Helps with coping, relaxes pelvic floor, reduces uterine fatigue.

Holy basil
For moments of maternal exhaustion or discouragement.

California poppy
Jamaican dogwood
Kava kava
Wild lettuce
Use sparingly when pain is severe (back labor, nuchal hand, etc.).

Cotton root
Raspberry leaf
Shepherds purse
Use sparingly for active management, or liberally for bleeding.

The proportions of the ingredients in each proprietary blend reflects the average use of each of these herbs during many years of successful herbal labor management. If you are looking for different blends, please contact me about custom tinctures.

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