Sandalwood, New Caledonia essential oil organic

One of the three varieties of Sandalwood that we carry, Santalum austrocaledonicum or New Caledonia Sandalwood is the richest and spiciest, highly suitable for masculine scents but delightful in any perfume.

The scent is strong, deep, and lingering, and makes an excellent fixative. It is sweet and pleasant and makes a good stand-alone scent, but really shines in blends. 

Organically steam distilled from material grown in New Caledonia. 


The species of Sandalwood which has been the most common is the Indian Sandalwood. Unfortunately it has been over-harvested almost to extinction, and the essential oil that is now being sold is not the high quality of decades past. Fortunately, there are some wonderful species of Sandalwood which grow in other parts of the world which are being sustainably harvested and are of exceptional quality. We carry 3 of those; Australian, New Caledonia, and Royal Hawaiian. Each has the genuine Sandalwood scent but with its own unique character. 

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Starting at: $12.95

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