Cough Syrup, raw organic

Cough Syrup, raw organic
Cough Syrup, raw organic Cough Syrup, raw organic Cough Syrup, raw organic Cough Syrup, raw organic

All raw, all organic, handmade in a small batch. The Farmhouse Four, prized for soothing irritated throats and boosting immunity when fighting off a cold. Nice flavor which leaves behind the lemon, making it tasty for small children. 


Honeyed Garlic; fresh chopped garlic, soaked in the very best raw local (undiluted) honey

Sugared Onions; fresh chopped white onion, soaked in raw organic sugar (no water added)

Ginger Tincture; fresh chopped ginger root, soaked in 190-proof alcohol

Lemon Glycerite; fresh sliced lemons, soaked in organic vegetable glycerine.

Nothing else added, no chemicals, no artificial ingredients, not watered down with any fillers! Each raw ingredient was packed into jars and only a small amount of the extractant added, for maximum potency of the garlic, onion, ginger, and lemon. To preserve all of the enzymes and vitamins, no heat is used in the process. After soaking to full strength, the liquid is strained off of each and blended, with the residual alcohol in the ginger tincture preserving it. A huge pile of fresh ingredients is concentrated into just a few ounces of syrup! 


Take by the spoonful as needed, or if you wish try adding a spoonful to hot water to make a delicious soothing tea - the alcohol will quickly evaporate, leaving only tea. 

Limited quantities, when these are gone, they are gone for the year!

Please refrigerate after opening.

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