Hospital-Birth Class Online

Hospital-Birth Class Online
Hospital-Birth Class Online Hospital-Birth Class Online Hospital-Birth Class Online Hospital-Birth Class Online


- - Personalized Counseling from an experienced Birthing Coach - -


  • Planning a hospital birth, and want a serious childbirth education class, tailored just for you?
  • Busy, remote, or have small children, and don't have the time or ability to travel to find a good class?
  • Prefer to speak directly, just you and your partner, with your instructor in private?
  • Tired of finding only "fluff" childbirth prep courses, which offer coping techniques but not enough hard information, and no way to ask enough questions?
  • Want to know what things you can do in advance, to help achieve a better birth outcome?
  • Need unbiased information about the real risks of VBAC, what to look for, and what to avoid?
  • Looking for tools to better communicate with your doctor or midwife, and the nursing staff? Not to just be a "good patient", but to have enough information for your care providers to realize that you truly understand your options?


As founder of a Doula Service in NYC, one of the toughest places to birth in the US, Doula Lauren has over a decade of experience attending births as a private Doula in big city hospitals, and a long list of credentials. She has seen couples arrive at the hospital with lovely plans after taking childbirth classes, only to be derailed from the very first intervention. Why? Because their classes did not prepare them to understand the hospital protocols, dealing with complications, what various drugs really do, what procedures really mean and when and why they may be needed, and how to discuss their options with their care providers from a position of knowledge and cooperation. She decided that her classes would be different, and would address those information gaps. She has a proven track record of under 5% c section rate beating not only the national odds of 33% but regional medical professional reported rate of 60%.

Needless to say, her clients recommend her highly, as she emphasizes a non-confrontational approach while teaching in a very honest and direct way; an often difficult balance to achieve around an emotionally charged event such as birth.

While her class includes suggestions for some of the best comfort measures and simple coping skills, it also includes the no-nonsense nitty-gritty facts about institutional birth that every parent should know long before labor begins! Armed with knowledge, parents can be informed participants, no matter where the process takes them. They can be part of decision-making and not feel like they were forced or coerced, and can understand what is happening in more urgent situations, which removes much of the anxiety and frustration around birth. The goal is for every birth to be as optimal an experience as possible.

SilverSage has secured a special reduced rate for her online video course. You get personal access to a highly recommended doula/educator for a very low rate.

Each class is scheduled within a few days of you purchasing a set of private sessions. You will have multiple sessions with Doula Lauren via Skype, Facetime, phone, or other media that works for you. Each Class session usually takes about an hour, but may run longer depending upon each couples personal questions. It is broken into several sessions because there is so much information that it would be unfair for parents to try to absorb it all at once. This also allows you the opportunity to write down questions you want and need to ask, so you are never left wondering. Once you register and pay for your class, you and Lauren will each receive a confirmation email with each other's contact information, and you can schedule for times which are convenient for you.

Parents who have taken this course have the option to come back and purchase additional consults, if they have more questions later.


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