Fertility for Women

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Date Added: 02/10/2012

5 stars

I purchased this tincture 6-12 months ago to try to boost my libido. It worked well but I kept forgetting to take it so eventually I forgot all about it. Well at the end of December my husband and I started trying to conceive. Despite trying all of the 5 days before I ovulated we didn't conceive. Then I remembered my fertility tincture and decided to give it a try again. I took it every day until the day I ovulated then stopped incase we had succeeded. I didn't think we had gotten pregnant because we only tried once, 4 days before I ovulated. Turns out I did get pregnant though and after using the tincture for only 2 weeks. I'm now almost 4 weeks pregnant with our second child and very happy. I definitely plan on buying some more next time we want to have a baby!
by Christina Ellis
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