Birth Supplies Kit

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Date Added: 10/01/2017

4 stars

The sanitary pads were completely useless. It would be better if they were the ones with glue like all the normal pads that you could stick to your underwear instead of the weird things with a belt. Looks like something my great grandmother would use. Ended up throwing them out and buying normal ones at the store. Other than that it's everything my midwife needed.

Seller's Note: Thank you for the review, Mariya. We put the extra-long pads with tails ("OB" maternity pads) in the kit along with various tools for holding them in place - the belt, the stretch mesh panties, or you can just tuck them into the Depends briefs. Because they are a lot longer, they work better for the first few nights especially when you are sleeping on your back, and also for those moms who experience heavier bleeding postpartum. The normal ones you can buy anywhere, but the extra-long extra-absorbent ones can be hard to find, and no one wants to run around to stores the day after their birth, so we make sure that they are in the kit if/when you need them. Congratulations on your new baby! :-)
by mariya chuklanov
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