For relief from excessive pain and cramping in the immediate postpartum period.

The uterus needs to involute following a birth, so cramping is both normal and desirable to shrink the womb back to normal size and prevent bleeding. However, the process can sometimes be quite painful and even interfere with establishing breastfeeding. This blend eases the pain from cramps and helps keep new mothers more comfortable, avoiding the need for narcotics or pharmaceutical pain relievers which put additional strain on the liver and kidneys, and can get into breastmilk.

This blend is ideal for most "after pains". Mothers with a history of, or higher risk for, postpartum bleeding may want to consider the AfterPains Plus tincture instead.

Recommended use: take the smallest amount that is effective, from 3-20 drops as often as every half-hour for the first few days after giving birth.

A proprietary blend of 12 herbs:

cramp bark
holy basil
Jamaican dogwood
lemon balm
St Johnswort
white willow

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Starting at: $39.95

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