Shipping & Returns

Shipping - some important NOTES:

Please select the right shipping method for the items you order.

First Class or Priority Flat Rate Envelopes - - Midwife Charts up to 10 chart sets. For more, select a Priority Medium (50 chart sets) or Large (100 chart sets) Flat Rate Box.

First Class Packages - - If you are ordering a variety of lighter weight items and are not in a hurry, this may be a less costly selection.

Priority Mail Padded Envelopes - - Tinctures if buying 6-8 tinctures up to 2 oz, or 3 tinctures or hydrosols of 4 oz. For more, select a Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box. 

Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box - - MOST ORDERS. Select this option if you are ordering up to 5 tinctures of 2 oz or less, or up to 20 essential oils in mostly smaller bottles (100 mL max).

Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box - - More than 20 essential oils may not fit into the smaller box, especially if any of the bottles are larger than 15 mL, or if there are more than 5 larger bottles (like 100 mL), so this would be the box to select. Also for orders with more than 8 tinctures, more than 3 bottles of 4 oz, or any bottles that are 8 oz. Midwife Charts of up to 50 sets can also use this box.

Priority Large Flat Rate Box - - Midwife Charts with more than 50 sets (up to 100 sets) will need this size box. Some wholesale tincture/oil orders will need a box this large, because wholesale essential oils are shipped in individual labeled boxes like the tinctures, which takes up more space. Approximately 4 dozen will fit into this size box. 

USPS Retail Ground - - Birth Kits.


Items which are in stock will usually be shipped within 3 business days.

Special orders may take more time to prepare; colloidal silver in non-standard strengths will be shipped within one week, but special-order herbal tinctures may take 8 weeks or longer.

Unopened products may be returned for a refund. If you are not satisfied with a product, please contact us. 

Downloads are not refundable.  

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