Birth Supplies Kit

Birth Kit - Supplies for Home Birth (Latex-Free) This is a nice intermediate/high-level care kit of the disposable supplies used for home birth, designed by Highland Midwife Birth Services especially for rural and low-resource midwifery care. It also includes herbal tea to start drinking as soon as your kit arrives, herbs for perineal poultices and peri washes for postpartum, and supplies to mix into coconut water for making a delicious anti-hemorrhage electrolyte energy drink for labor and postpartum. The bottles of chlorophyll and molasses will come with a cold pack for shipping, and should be taken out and placed in the refrigerator when your kit is received.

Gloves are all size medium unless another size is requested in the comments box when you check out (XS or XL may delay your shipment by a few days), and you should ask your midwife what size(s) to order for your birth team. You can mix glove sizes to suit your birth team's needs, and can even specify how many of each in the comments box at checkout.

The chlorophyll comes in either mint or regular flavor, please specify your choice. The mint works nicely in the energy drink mix.

The depends-type briefs should be ordered a little larger than your pregnant panty size to slip on/off easily (especially after a shower); please specify size.

Your kit comes packed in a large re-usable tote and includes:

  • 2 dozen disposable "chux" underpads of various sizes and weights
  • 6 depends-type sanitary briefs (please select size)
  • 12 ob sanitary pads with tails
  • 1 sanitary pad belt
  • 1 mesh panty to use for regular pads later, washable
  • 16 4x4 gauze pads
  • 16 2x2 gauze pads
  • 16 alcohol prep pads medium
  • 16 alcohol prep pads large
  • 4 sterile pairs gloves (in your selected size/sizes)
  • 4 dozen non-sterile gloves (please choose size or sizes below)
  • 8 5g packets of sterile gel lube
  • 1 urinary catheter
  • 1 amnihook
  • 1 fleet enema
  • 1 15ml packet of Hibiclens wash
  • 1 2oz bottle of povidone iodine
  • 1 8oz peri spray bottle
  • 1 16oz bottle of hydrogen peroxide
  • 4 flex straws
  • 1 4oz bottle of chlorophyll (specify your preference of MINT or REGULAR) for energy/electrolyte labor drink
  • 1 4oz bottle of unsulfured blackstrap molasses for labor drink
  • 1 packet or bottle of celtic sea salt for labor drink, approx 1oz
  • 1 bottle of homeopathic arnica 30x, approx 50 tablets
  • 2 umbilical cord clamps and 4 tiny cord bands (orthodontic-grade silicone)
  • 2 heel lancets
  • 1 ear type 2oz bulb syringe
  • 1 infant paper measuring tape
  • 1 bag of red raspberry leaf tea to drink before the birth, approx 4oz
  • 1 bag of comfrey leaf and calendula flower herbal poultice blend, approx 4oz
  • 1 paper grocery sack, to be an instant disposable trash can
  • 1 plastic kitchen trash bag to line the paper sack
  • 1 bag of sea salt for birth tub, approx 1/2 pound
  • 1 bag of Epsom salts for birth tub, approx 1/2 pound


OPTION, highly recommended: Add a heavy plastic non-toxic disposable pool liner for your birth tub, for faster/easier prep and clean-up for water births - fits most birth tubs and pools. This not only makes life easier, it helps insure that there is no cross-contamination from loaned or rented tubs. Select option below.

Notes: To keep your kit neat, several items come packed in plastic freezer bags - please save the bags, your midwife will use them for things like the herbal poultices and your placenta after the birth! The labor drink ingredients are for mixing small amounts of each into coconut water, a recipe copyrighted by Highland Midwife and freely offered for use. The client need only have the coconut water on hand during the birth to complete the drink (not included here due to the high cost of shipping the extra weight). For more information about all of the ways the drink enhances labor, contact me by email.

We may substitute larger amounts of some items, depending on availability; if we do, there is no extra cost to you. We might also slip in some free samples when available, like Lansinoh nipple salve or good prenatal vitamins.

FYI: The price of this kit does not allow for any profit for me, it is being offered at my cost as a service to my clients. Similar kits sold commercially cost far more for the same contents. Due to the covid-19 panic, and political and economic changes, the prices and availability of these medical supplies have become far more expensive and unstable, so we regret that birth kit prices will have to be adjusted occassionally to reflect those changes.

Shipping, if needed, will be Priority Mail with tracking, and must be selected here, please. When checking out after selecting a shipped birth kit, do not add extra shipping, chose the walk-in option so that additional shipping costs are not added to your order.

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