Wintergreen essential oil organic

Pure undiluted essential oil of Wintergreen, Gaultheria procumbens, organically steam-distilled from fresh leaves grown in Nepal at high elevations. 

Extremely minty and refreshing, this oil is used for pain management, inflammation, lung congestion, and for its delightful scent. Very popular in salves and gels used for sports injuries, arthritis, and cold and flu rubs, wintergreen adds that sharp icy-hot element. The smell is very powerful, and great for waking you up and clearing your head, ideal for taking along on long drives (like peppermint) in an inhaler to smell to help stay awake.

Wintergreen is also a superior cutting oil for fine lapidary work, especially on delicate stones like opal. Only small amounts are used.

Personal note: Do NOT let the wonderful price fool you, this is the best smelling, most potent wintergreen oil I have ever found!  Do NOT apply large amounts of this oil on a regular basis, because you could exceed the safe limits.

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