Consult by Phone

Have questions about herbal remedies?

Need to make sense out of your lab values?

Have questions about nutrition, either general health or supplements in pregnancy?

Need an honest second opinion, or have specific questions about maternity care issues? Want more tools to help you avoid complications?

Set up a personal, one-on-one phone consult with midwife, teacher, and herbalist Lorri Carr, LM CPM LDM LDEM.

Select the length of time desired for your questions to be discussed. The basic consult starts with one hour, and more time can be added to your cart. To prevent time constraints, additional half-hour increments are highly discounted! If we need to research more and call you back, there is no charge for that additional call.

At checkout:

  • Please select walk-in pickup, so the cart does not try to charge you for standard shipping.
  • Make sure and explain your questions, concerns, and symptoms in the comments box, because the more information we have in advance the less time we will need to charge you to spend on the phone.
  • Please list in the comments box some possible times when we might schedule for your call.
  • Please return this form with your name and signature (can be done in almost any format, even a photo of the signed form), thanks!
  • Email any records which you want reviewed in advance, such as lab results, ultrasound reports, or other information to They can be sent as .jpg photo files, or convert to .pdf files. (Free online PDF Converter here.)
  • Emails which do not include file attachments can be made through this site, using the "Contact Us" link under "Information" on the menu.

NOTE: Because the midwife is on-call 24/7 for births, there may be a rare occasion when a birth is in progress, and she would need to reschedule your consult. Every effort will be made to accommodate you with a convenient time, and we are very flexible about times which are outside of normal business hours.

All phone consults and accompanying records are privacy-protected by HIPPA, the same as they would be if you came into the office in person. Any health advice given is that which is within the scope of license of the midwife, and limited in evaluation by the information which you provide to her.

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