Herbs traditionally used for prevention of miscarriage or premature labor due to uterine irritability. Helps to maintain a viable pregnancy when threatened by cramping, by relaxing uterine contractions.

Suggested use: If regular cramps begin, seek the advice of your maternity care provider immediately! Take one drop every ten minutes until cramps stop. If cramps have not stopped within 3 hours, take 10 drops at once with a large glass of water and lay down. If you do not fall asleep, continue taking one drop every ten minutes.

Unless you are a practitioner, a smaller bottle of this tincture is usually enough. The 0.5 oz size should be adequate for a pregnancy. Uterine irritability can have many causes, but may be related to a nutritional or hormonal deficiency (or both). You may wish to find a care provider to help you who is knowledgeable in these fields, especially if this is a recurring problem.

A proprietary blend of 6 herbs;
black haw
cramp bark
false unicorn
red raspberry
wild yam.

Child-proof dropper tops are available; see options under Herbal Tinctures: Special Orders.

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