PreGest is a blend designed from herbs traditionally used to provide pre-progesterone compounds, to assist women in overcoming environmental overload of estrogenic compounds, and produce adequate amounts of their own progesterone. Low progesterone levels (or lowered ability to produce progesterone when increased levels are needed) can cause various types of female hormone imbalance, the results of which can include irregular menses and repeated miscarriage. Because PreGest is not progesterone, but instead contains pre-hormone compounds, it cannot create progesterone levels which are too high, it only gives your body more ability to produce what it needs.

PreGest can help to regulate cycles, and is a natural supplement to follow up use of the Fertility tincture to achieve pregnancy. Starting PreGest as soon as you stop the Fertility gives your body additional tools to promote the progesterone increase which supports pregnancy while the placenta is still developing. This blend is designed to augment any progesterone supplementation prescribed by your provider.

Suggested uses:

To regulate cycle; (with the beginning of menstruation as Week 1)
Week 1 take no PreGest
Week 2 take 1 drop per day
Week 3 take 2-3 drops per day
Week 4 taper off by one drop each day and stop taking.

To support progesterone in pregnancy; IMPORTANT - discuss with your care provider who is monitoring your progesterone levels! Start as soon as possible and take 2-12 drops per day depending on how adequate your progesterone levels are, taper off when levels are stable in the safe range by 16-18 weeks.

A proprietary blend of 3 herbs;
wild yam.

Child-proof dropper tops are available; see options under Herbal Tinctures: Special Orders.

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