Midwife Charts - Antepartum Notes for prenatal care

The Notes page that accompanies the Prenatal Flow sheet. Columns are provided for the dates of service and provider's initials, client's gestational week, flagging any labs/tests/exams or other important events, and identifying applicable diagnosis codes to make billing much easier for those using insurance. This still leaves plenty of room for narrated notes about each prenatal appointment. The page includes a reminder to include the year, not just month and day of service, to make each page a legally-conforming chart document. Space was also left for identification of the midwifery practice, just print or apply your own logo and contact information in the empty corner block.

As with the other forms I designed, there is ample room for signatures and initials for 4 providers/students, and standardized client ID information is located in a lower-right corner box which is easily seen when flipping through a chart. The backside is printed upside down and both ends are pre-punched so there is no need to turn charts around or yank out pages to read each page in chronological order!

For midwives who narrate a lot of personalized appointment notes and may sometimes need more than 2 pages, extra copies of this form can be ordered in sets of 5 or 20 to go with the complete set of charts.

Laser-printed on light yellow high-quality 24 pound paper.

See the complete set of chart forms here.

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