PainLess essential oil blend

This is a delightful-smelling blend of oils famed for their superior ability to reduce pain and inflammation.

Arnica is well known for use as an herbal remedy for trauma, pain, bruising, and inflammation. It is strictly for external use only. This product contains two types; pure organic essential oil of Mexican arnica, and an organic custom-made triple-infused oil of Arnica montana created especially for us by Bumbling Acres to be extremely strong. Including both essential and super-infused oils offers the best of both - the intensity of essentials with the complete extraction of elements offered by slow infusion.

Amber, ancient pine sap that has hardened, is used by grateful parents as a soft semi-precious stone in teething necklaces because minute amounts of the stone's resin oil are absorbed into the skin and help reduce teething pain as well as colic pain. The pure distilled essential oil of crushed amber also has been used by chronic pain sufferers, from fibromyalgia to arthritis. Recommended only for external use, amber also carries a very deep sweet warm scent that has been used in expensive cosmetics for centuries, making the use of this oil very pleasant.

This combination of traditional pain-killing and anti-inflammatory oils is versatile, does not create uncomfortable heat or skin irritation at the site of application, and can be used on the soles of the feet of infants as well as on adults and elders. The relief it offers does not depend on the site of application, so it can be applied safely almost anywhere that it will not get into the eyes or mouth. It is relatively stable and long-lasting compared to most essential oils. Only small amounts of this oil are needed to get results!

For external use only! 

A proprietary blend of:
Arnica montana
Heterotheca inuloides
Pinus succinifera (fossilized resin)

Now available in a fine glass roll-on bottle with a high quality mess-free stainless steel roller to help keep this heavier oil from gumming up. We are transitioning from the magenta bottle in the photo to a beautiful emerald green roll-on which matches the larger bottles, but some orders may contain either color. Ideal for applying on children, travel, gifts, or sampling this product on a smaller budget. Refillable from the larger emerald green bottles, all with drip-control tops.

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Note: The amber oil, Pinus succinifera resin, is not from a certified organic-only distiller. The Mexican arnica, Heterotheca inuloides, essential oil is certified organic. The Arnica montana oil is a sustainably wildcrafted, heavily saturated TRIPLE slow infusion in organic extra-virgin olive oil, specially and lovingly hand-crafted for Silver Sage by Bumbling Acres Farm in West Virginia. 

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