Amber Sweet Baltic resin oil

Pure distilled oil of Amber fossilized resin, Pinus succinifera.

Yes, this precious oil is obtained from real amber that is less than gemstone-quality. Baltic amber has aged under the Baltic sea in ancient logs. It is collected after storms wash some of the light-weight gemstone up onto the beachs. (This amber resin has a very different scent from the amber which is mined in the Himalayan mountains, which has an intense bright pine smell, which I also carry.)

The scent is intense, very sweet, deep and soft like a mix of sweet musk and baby powder, treasured for millenia as a perfume and anti-inflammatory oil.

It has great lasting power, making it an ideal fixative for the more volatile oils when making perfumes and aromatherapy blends. It is thick and smooth.

This is one of the few oils that does not require dilution before applying to skin, but bear in mind that a very little goes a long way!

NOT to be confused with the cheap "Amber" perfume oils which are not essential oil of real amber! 


Note: This is the only essential oil I offer which is not available from any certified organic-only distillers. Since it is for external use only, and is processed without the use of toxic chemical solvents, that should not affect the quality or use of this wonderful oil. If you need organic amber resin oil, and the medicinal properties are your goal instead of the scent, you may want to try the Himalayan amber instead of the Sweet Baltic. 

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