Frankincense, Sacred Oman essential oil organic

This is pure undiluted essential oil of Sacred Frankincense, Boswellia sacra. It is organically steam distilled from material grown in Oman, and is the more rare and expensive type of frankincense. This is the same resin that is also called Royal Green Hojari. Access to harvest this frankincense is severely limited.

The oil is light, and sparkling crystal clear with a hint of pale green that varies by batch. The scent is unique, soft and sweet, quite different from the other three varieties of Frankincense which we sell. It is radiantly warm, resinous, earthy-sweet, with a slight peppery spice that is subtle, and mild citrus tones that are almost like orange. Smooth and appealing worn alone as a perfume, it adds richness to the scent of blends.

Sacred Frankincense is very gentle and healing on skin. High in alpha-pinene, it is also anti-inflammatory, can ease headaches,  and is wonderful for clearing congestion and general respiratory support. Because the scent is so pleasant, children and very sensitive adults respond well to this variety of frankincense.

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