Lemon essential oil organic

Lemon peel pure cold-pressed organic essential oil, Citrus limonum, from fresh lemons harvested in India.

This lemon oil has the Bergapten removed, the furanocoumarin which causes lower quality lemon oils to often create photosensitivity when used on the skin. This allows it to be used generously in skin care for its wonderful antioxidant/anti-aging properties. It is cleansing, purifying, antimicrobial, and works well in blends for pain and inflammation.

In aromatherapy, lemon is calming, lifts the spirits, eases depression and negativity, and brings back mental focus and concentration. The scent is the full fresh sparkling-sweet aroma of fresh-cut lemon peels. Food-grade, ideal for lemon flavoring for beverages, or to replace fresh lemon juice/peel in recipes.

Available in Alaska at Juneau Natural foods store.

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