Champaca (Magnolia) absolute oil organic

Pure organically extracted Champaca blossom absolute oil, Magnolia champaca, also known as Red Champaca or Magnolia oil, from flowers grown in India. 

Revered for its use in ritual and worship, champaca flowers are used to create an attar, a holy fragrance, in combination with Sandalwood oil. The scent of this exotic blossom oil is incredibly complex and sweet, with intense floral tones mixed with deep rich velvety vanilla-like notes, and hints of more earthy scents like tobacco, tea, and sweet hay.

Prized for its use in expensive perfumes, a little goes a long way and this oil also doubles as a fixative. The scent goes beyond relaxing, to euphoric and seductive, a celestial aromatherapy to use after periods of high stress. 

In skin care this oil is also precious, adding skin-nourishing properties to decadent soaps and other products. Because it is highly antioxidant, it is reputed to boost collagen as well as reduce aging.

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