Linden Blossom absolute oil organic

Pure undiluted organically-extracted Linden Blossom absolute oil, Tilia cordata, also called Lime Blossom due to the lovely yellow-green color, grown in France.

The Linden tree is very ancient, and has been considered a sacred tree due to the narcotic, intoxicating aroma of the flowers. Highly sought for perfumery, the scent is warm and rich with the smell of honey, pollen, and sweet tea. Invaluable to honey bees, and prized for flavoring teas and tinctures. 

In aromatherapy, Linden is calming, warming, relieves stress and situational depression, eases tension and migraines, relieves insomnia, and encourages personal awareness and mental clarity. Used in healing rituals. Eases "pit of the stomach" stress tension, a property it shares with Valerian tincture. 

Linden has been used medicinally since ancient times, and is a food-safe essential oil suitable for enhancing teas and delicately-flavored baked goods.

Good for skin conditions which are hot and irritated such as eczema, and also used to relieve water retention. 




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