Rose Otto (Bulgarian Damask Rose) essential oil organic

Pure undiluted Rose Otto, organic essential oil of the magnificent Damask Rose, Rosa damascena, hydro-distilled at low temperatures from premium fresh-picked roses grown in Bulgaria. Precious oil, one of the most expensive.

This is the prized classic pure rose oil used in the finest perfumes, usually only in tiny amounts, often sold for astonishingly high prices despite being highly diluted with lesser quality oils. There is nothing at all mixed with this one, it is the real thing, in the highest food-grade! We have an independent third-party GC-MS report that is available.

Rose Otto is called the Oil of Love for its powerful psychological effects, opening the heart, soothing emotions, relieving depression and anxiety. 

For skin care it is one of the finest therapeutic oils, containing many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, with astringent and emollient properties. Considered to be exceptional for aging skin, as well as treating acne and redness.

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