Peppermint essential oil organic

Pure undiluted essential oil of Peppermint, Mentha piperita, organically steam distilled from fresh leaves grown in USA.

This is the best peppermint oil I have ever found, with extremely high menthol levels, and a very clean smooth sweet scent and flavor. So intense, your palate will feel cool just from smelling it! If the North Pole had a perfect peppermint candy cane, it would smell like this. Compare it to any peppermint oil on the market, and you will want to stick with this one.

Food-grade. Ideal for use in flavoring candies, baked sweets, and teas.

Available in Alaska at Juneau Natural food store!

Stay awake on long drives:

Do you have long commutes or trips, and need to be able to stay awake and alert while driving? Add an inexpensive inhaler of Peppermint oil to your order from the drop-down Size menu, and the next time you get sleepy or your eyes get dry, grab it and wave it under your nose. Take a deep breath, let the fumes reach up near your eyes, and you will be amazed at how your exhaustion will clear and so will your vision! As a rural  midwife, I often have to make long trips after sometimes days of work without sleep, and peppermint is like magic for keeping alert and safe on the road. It is one of the oils in our Fatigue Buster blend. Other good choices for keeping alert are wintergreen, sweet birch, and spearmint.

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