Cacao (Cocoa) absolute oil organic

Pure undiluted oil of cacao (cocoa) beans, Theobroma cacao, organically extracted from beans grown in France.

A rich luxurious oil with all of the heavenly scent of dark chocolate, cacao absolute also contains flavonoid antioxidants which protect skin from damage.

Whether you are wanting oils for soothing and uplifting aromatherapy, soaps, child care products that kids will actually love, skin formulas and lotions, perfumes, or aphrodisiac blends, this precious oil has too many uses to list.

Another common use of cacao is in a pocket inhaler (one of the size options here) for improving mood or for assisting with weight loss. The concentrated scent of chocolate will often satisfy food cravings without actually eating any.

The scent is a mid-tone, rich, velvety soft, sweet, and long-lasting. In perfume blends, it is one of the last scents left after more volatile oils are gone, leaving a delicate haunting smell that invites closeness.

Now available HERE at Azure Standard's organic online food store, watch for it on sale!

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