Flowers & Chocolate

SkinLove Formula #1 - Antioxidant Flowers & Chocolate

This is a blend of pure undiluted essential oils selected for their powerful antioxidant properties for skin care. Antioxidant essential oils provide damage protection for the skin, and are reputed to increase collagen replacement (proven in some Asian laboratory studies), so are used as anti-aging elements, clarifying and wrinkle-removing agents, and also as natural preservatives in skincare products to keep them from going rancid. 

Since some of the individual oils (Wild Turmeric in particular,) are not pleasant-smelling, I worked hard to turn this into a blend that smells so amazing that it doubles as a delicious-smelling perfume! The first scent that presents is the heavenly smell of flowers, including precious pure rose and rich tropical florals. Later, the sensual aroma of pure dark chocolate comes through and gently lingers.

Used alone and undiluted, only a tiny amount is needed to apply over clean damp skin (please keep the pure oil away from eyes). It penetrates and is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy film on the surface - just soft, radiant skin. It can be added to skin care oils, creams, lotions, and salves.

This oil can also be added to hair and scalp care products. Added to shampoo and conditioners, it seems to prevent the scalp from getting oily as quickly, staying silky-clean longer. Users are now reporting back to me that this blend is eliminating problems with serious dandruff and sebum build-up when applied directly to the scalp after a shower! 

When this oil is first applied to clean damp skin, you will feel it penetrate, and will notice a few moments of tingling as the astringent compounds close pores and tighten loose skin. The feeling will go away quickly, but the smoothing effects last for many hours.

Linden blossom
Rose Otto
Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
Wild Turmeric

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