Amber Himalayan resin oil organic

Pure distilled oil of Amber fossilized resin, Pinus succinifera.

Yes, this precious oil is obtained from real amber that is less than gemstone-quality. This amber is mined from deep in the Himalayan mountains, and the precious resin oil is organically dry-heat-distilled in India.

This amber resin has a very different scent from the amber which is aged under the Baltic sea, which has a deeply sweet scent like musky baby powder perfume. Instead, this Himalayan Amber intensely demonstrates its origin in ancient pine sap, still containing the powerful healing terpenes and bright scent for which fresh pine oils are prized for medicinal purposes, but with a depth and richness beyond fresh pine, and a lingering smoky base note. Used extensively as a healing oil for skin, for inflammation, and as a pain relieving oil.

If you are looking more for the healing properties of amber, this one would be the natural choice. If you are looking for a sweet natural amber to use as a stand-alone perfume, you probably want the Baltic. Both make ideal fixatives for many perfumes, but the scents are very different. This oil is very thick and sticky like molasses, works well in salves, and adds substance to blends with lighter oils.

NOT to be confused with the cheap "Amber" perfume oils which are not pure essential oil of real amber! Also not to be confused with the sweet Baltic Amber oil, which I also carry.

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