Cocoa Bean Butter oil organic

Pure Cocoa Bean oil, organically cold-pressed and fractionated from Cocoa Butter, Theobroma cacao, from beans grown in Ghana.

Rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, the Cocoa Bean oil is filtered from Cocoa Butter, taking out only the waxy elements and leaving the silky, aromatic skin-loving oil. This oil absorbs beautifully into skin and hair, and smells absolutely incredible.

Ideal for use in cosmetics, as a stand-alone moisturizer, as a aoft aphrodisiac perfume, or as a carrier oil for essential oils and massage oil blends. Cocoa butter has long been famous for use on scars and stretch marks, and this oil is lighter, easier to spread, and absorbs more completely than the whole butter, while providing the same vitamins, minerals, and healing oil compounds.

This oil is clear, with a gentle chocolate scent, unlike the heavy smoky brown Cacao absolute oil which is designed more for its intense aroma of raw dark chocolate. Both are very nourishing for the skin, but the clarity of this oil makes it better as a non-staining carrier.

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