Cranberry Arctic Seed oil organic

Pure undiluted organically cold-pressed oil of native Arctic Cranberry seeds, Oxycoccus palustris, grown in Norway.

A superior skin protective oil, Arctic Cranberry seed oil contains extremely high levels of tocotrienals, a rare natural form of Vitamin E which is 40-60 times more concentrated than the better-known alpha-tocopherol. This powerful nutrative antioxidant protects cell membranes from external damage, which slows the aging process. With a near-perfect ratio of Omega 3/6/9, this oil also absorbs beautifully into skin, and is very softening for aged or damaged skin. It also has UV protective properties, so is ideal for use in sunblock formulas.

This oil has very little scent, so it makes a perfect carrier for essential oils which are being applied to the body or used as perfumes, or in massage oils.

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