Raspberry Black Seed oil organic

Pure undiluted organically cold-pressed oil of Black Raspberry seeds, Rubus occidentalis, grown in USA.

Since this food-grade oil is unrefined, it still has the soft enticing smell of black raspberries, which blends wonderfully with almost any essential oil. 

The benefits of this oil for skin and hair are extensive due to its high content of ellagitannins (ellagic acids), a particularly powerful class of antioxidant which is superior for killing the bacteria which causes acne, and is also anti-inflammatory so is used for clearing rosacea, skin lesions, rashes, and ezcema. Black Raspberry seed oil is also high in vitamins A and E. It is a very light oil, absorbing quickly. 

This is one of the few oils shown to reverse environmental damage, and it has broad spectrum UV-protectant properties. It is ideal for a carrier oil, massage oil, lip gloss, baby oil, ingredient in sunblock formula, or in any skin or hair care product. 


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