Black Cumin Seed oil organic

Pure Black Cumin Seed oil, Nigella sativa, organically cold-pressed from seed grown in India.

Known as Black Seed, Black Caraway, Kalonji, and many other names, this is the oil that is famous for its use in treating illnesses for thousands of years. Rich in Thymoquinone, vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, this oil is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and highly nourishing and moisturizing for skin, scalp, and hair.

Black Cumin Seed makes an exceptional carrier oil for essential oils, or as an addition to fine massage oils. This oil is food-grade, with no chemicals used in processing.

Clnicial trial research concludes; "This study showed that topical use of Nigella sativa oil can be more effective in reducing knee pain in elderly patients than acetaminophen, which is typically used as a safe supplement for the elderly." Only small amounts of the oil were used to achieve these results. Read the full study report HERE.

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