Birch Sweet essential oil organic

Pure undiluted essential oil of Sweet Birch, Betula lenta, organically steam distilled from the bark of trees grown in Canada.

Also known as Cherry Birch, Black Birch, and Spice Birch, this is a different variety from Betula Alba, or White Paper Birch. The bark requires many hours of special preparation before distilling the oil. The resulting oil is light, crystal-clear, and the scent is outrageously minty and sweet.

Sweet Birch oil contains a very broad spectrum of compounds, most notably Methyl salicylates and Salicylic acid, making it wonderful for relieving minor pain and inflammation. It is antispasmotic and sedative, and encourages the body's natural healing cycles. Used in massage oils and salves, it is stimulating and detoxifying, and is a superb astringent for toning and tightening skin. In aromatherapy, Sweet Birch is used to reduce fatigue, depression, and feelings of melancholy. 

This oil is a wonderful alternative to Wintergreen, with a similar scent and therapeutic qualities, but much better tolerated in larger amounts and for longer periods of time. 


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