PainLess II Joints

Very different than our original PainLess blend, this all-organic oil was added to our line because of how well it reduced the swelling inside aching arthritic joints or bursitis. While most pain blends work well on muscles, this one seems to target fluid-filled areas on and around bones. 

The scent is very mild and unobtrusive compared to most pain relief formulas, a pleasant scent almost like a holy oil or a soft sacred incense. We have been applying this oil undiluted for months to observe any harsh effects on skin, and have seen none at all, only smoother skin. It does not create sensations of heat or cold, just gentle relief, and the sense of calm that the scent creates as a bonus. It contains sweet Copaiba Balsam and four different types of Frankincense.

A proprietary blend of undiluted organic oils:

  • Copaiba balsam
  • Boswellia carterii  
  • Boswellia frereana 
  • Boswellia sacra  
  • Boswellia serrata 

 You can dilute this blend with a therapeutic carrier oil of your choice, or if your skin tolerates it as well as ours has then it can be applied straight, directly over the affected area. To knock down inflammation and swelling, apply at least once a day for a few weeks, more often for acute pain, until the excess fluids are reduced. 

Watch for this Silver Sage special blend on sale at Azure Standard! 

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