Fatigue Buster essential oils organic

Need a serious wake-up? Extra energy to get you going and be more alert? Need to stay awake on a long drive? This is your blend!

Pure undiluted organic essential oils, all food-grade, suitable for smelling, diffusing, flavoring a tea or sparkling drink - this one will help you beat fatigue. 

Galangal is a high elevation species of ginger that is used in fine Asian and Indian cuisine, which has even more flavor than regular ginger but with a smoother, less fiery zing. This one is steam-distilled from fresh roots grown in Indonesia.

The Lemon is from India, cold-pressed from the peels of fresh lemons, and is delightfully pure and aromatic, not at all harsh.

The Peppermint is from leaves grown in USA, and honestly is the most perfect peppermint I have ever smelled. It is very sweet, very strong, and immediately brings to mind the ideal Christmas candy cane.

The three combined create a marvelous synergy, smell and taste exquisite, and pack quite a punch. 

Contains pure essential oils of:

  • Alpina galangal
  • Citrus limonum 
  • Mentha piperita

Watch for this Silver Sage special blend on sale at Azure Standard! 

Not only can a drop of this placed on the tongue help jolt you back into alertness on long drives, while tasting wonderful, research also indicates that the peppermint in this blend can help with road rage. Read the article here. 


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