Hinoki Wood essential oil organic

Hinoki Wood, also known as Japanese Cypress, pure undiluted organic essential oil of Chamaecyparis obtusa from Japan.

Sacred in Japan, Hinoki is prized for use in building temples and shrines, and for cleansing ritual baths. Its fragrant property of shinrin-yoku translates to forest bathing.

Because this precious tree is now considered endangered, any wood from trees that are culled for sustainable forestry is used for fine lumber if possible, and wood that is not suitable for lumber is steam-distilled for this essential oil.

This is the same Japanese Cypress essential oil that is now being sold in diluted form by companies who are touting its effects on mental clarity, recall and memory, and learning abilities, often at very high prices. Ours is organic, sustainably harvested, and absolutely pure.

Used in skin and hair care for its antioxidant and antiseptic properties, Hinoki Wood oil also has a beautiful, soft evergreen scent used alone or with other essential oils.

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