Agarwood (Oud) essential oil organic

Agarwood is the rare and precious pure essential organic oil also known as Oud, steam distilled from the heartwood of Aquilaria malaccensis, sustainably grown in a private wild forest in India.

Equally prized for its rich fixative scent in perfumes (it is the basis for the Arabian perfume named Oud), and for its incredibly emollient effects on skin and tendency to lighten dark spots. Other names for Agarwood oil include: Aloeswood, Eaglewood, Oudh, Oud, Ud, Kyara, Gharuwood, Oodh.

The Aquilaria malaccensis everygreen tree normally has light heartwood with little or no scent. When the tree is faced with a parasitic fungus, it defends against infection by creating a dark, rich antifungal oleoresin within the heartwood, and the older the tree, the darker and richer it becomes, and the more valuable as an essential oil.

Properties: powerful emollient, base note, fixative, astringent, antioxidant, soothing. The scent is very unique; aromatic, leathery, bitter-sweet, resinous, animalic, musky, very sensual, suitable as a long-lasting stand-alone perfume or as a base for some of the most coveted and expensive perfume blends. Used extensively for ceremonial annointings, as an aphrodisiac, and in aromatherapy. Added to a carrier or homemade deodorant, agarwood oil is also spectacularly good at suppressing unpleasant body odors.

The first published study of the pharmacologically active properties of Agarwood was published in 2023 in Science Direct, which documented cubenol 22.26%, agarospirol 14.35%, and aristolene 13.22% as major compounds, and the various sesquiterpenoids which give the oil its sweet scent and medicinal properties. The study states: "From the pharmacological evaluation part agarwood essential oil possess strong inflammation inhibitory, anti-diabetic, anti-urolithic and tyrosinase inhibitory potentials." 

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