Jasmine Grandiflorum absolute oil organic

Jasmine absolute oil, organically extracted from Jasminum grandiflorum blossoms grown in India.

Also known as Dawn Blooming Jasmine and Royal Jasmine, these flowers must be carefully picked by hand before the sun rises, taking great care not to bruise the blossoms and spoil the scent.

This is a very deep, sweet, sensual floral, with a reputation for being an aphrodisiac and for bringing happiness and improved mood. In perfumes or skin care products, a little goes a long way to smooth and enhance other scents, and make them last longer.

Like Gardenia, Jasmine is used in labor and delivery aromatherapy to both stimulate contractions and ease their pain at the same time. Like Lily, it is also used as a devotional annointing oil, and for blessings. A gentle toner, Jasmine is excellent in skin care products, especially for red and irritated skin.

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