Highland Midwife Birth Services

Highland Midwife Birth Services


November 8-9, 2009 was our third natural birth experience and first homebirth experience. We were uncertain about homebirth when we first looked into it early in the pregnancy, but with Lorri and Kristin and a lot of research we found a whole new world of birthing! And now we can't imaging bringing new life into the world any other way! Our journey to deciding on homebirth as well as a record of the experience can be found at:

And when people hear we had a *gasp* home birth they always ask who delivered the baby. I proudly announce that MY HUSBAND AND I did!! But that Lorri Carr and Kristen attended it and that we are SOOOoo grateful for their care and guidance! What a great job they did with us! Love you guys!

Originally posted Friday, April 2, 2010, moved to new website.
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