Highland Midwife Birth Services

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Date Added: 09/02/2018

5 stars

Home birth is a blessing! Kristin & Lorri are incredibly competent and wonderfully caring. There is NOTHING like a woman's touch during/after childbirth and my husband and I will NEVER go back to an OB/hospital birth. We are so glad to have made the decision to birth with midwives in our own home.

The level of care given prenatally, during childbirth, and postpartum by the midwifery model, is heads & shoulders above what an OB/GYN can offer. Our labor & delivery was expertly assisted by Lorri & Kristin. It was approximately 12 hours (once it got going for real) and was an incredible experience. I was able to assume any position I wanted, eat & drink when I felt it was necessary, take walks, make crazy noises... all lovingly supported by the midwives and my incredible husband. Our second daughter was born in morning, in the tub. Natural childbirth, done in your own home, is not an adventure to be missed. Lorri & Kristin taught us that childbirth is an intense experience, not to be feared, but revered!

I highly recommend their services to any family who is thinking of adding a new member to their clan. HUGS!!!

Originally posted Wednesday, June 16, 2010, moved to new website.
by Jo B.
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