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Date Added: 09/02/2018

5 stars

I have been waiting to write this since day one! Lorri and Kristin, you ladies are like family to me!! You both were everything I needed and wanted for my homebirth! It was soo incredible to have your confidence in my VBAC the entire time I was pregnant! I felt that during my pregnancy, labor and delivery-EVERYTHING was my decision and my choice. You ladies were always there to answer my questions with the best answer and when it came to advice I felt like I was flooded with different choices,unlike with my OB during my first pregnancy.

Kristin and Lorri, thank you for being my back up during pregnancy, labor and birth! I had a terrible fear of tearing and with the coaching from you I was tear-free!!!!

I also want to add a special thanks to the birth tub! I spent about 90% of my time in the birth tub because I could easily move my hips around and flip around. The warmth of the water took the edge of the contractions. I LOVE THE BIRTH TUB!

Kristin, you can turn any 'serious' situation into a funny one with your sarcastic humor! I love it! But when necessary you are there to also tell it how it is, there is no beating around the bush with you! You are also very kind and always put me before anyone else and you had no problem being a voice for me when I couldn't talk (like when there were flashes going off in my baby's face after birth).

Lorri, your warm hearted and caring personality was a wonderful asset to my pregnancy, labor and birth. I loved everything from your big motherly hugs, to your detailed stories, to your massages during labor! You always have a warm smile on your face and when I had a worry about something you would very positively assure me I was fine! I don't think I will ever be able to watch Don Juan deMarco without thinking about the moment my water broke! haha!!

Again, thank you ladies for everything! You gave me my dream delivery and I haven't been able to stop talking about either of you since I met you. You make the best homebirth team EVER, you two are the perfect balance for eachother and for homebirthing mothers. I don't think I (or Kyle for that matter) could have done it with out either of you. I could re-live labor and delivery every day because you helped make it a life changing experience for me.

Thank you for encouraging me when I felt doubt, thank you for tinctures and advice, thank you for assisting in my beautiful daughter's birth, you have made me feel like a real mother. With out this experience I wouldn't have recovered from the trauma of my first's c-section. Thank you, Thank you and a million more Thank you's!! You both have influenced my life more than I could ever imagine!

Sending you both eternal big hugs!

Originally posted Wednesday, June 8, 2011, moved to new website.
by Aurora S.
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