Highland Midwife Birth Services

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Date Added: 09/04/2018

5 stars

I had my first birth at home naturally with Lorri and her crew and it was absolutely wonderful. Giving birth was one of my greatest fears no matter how I did it and always has been because it’s not something you can control and it’s a lot of unknowns and that scared me but throughout my pregnancy Lori made me feel safe and answered my millions of questions and was always accessible when needed and by the time I came to my birth I was more ready than I could even explain and I felt that all my wishes were understood and made of the utmost importance to her and her crew that my birth was done my way. She even handled all my family members questions during my labor very well even the skeptical ones about natural birth. I couldn’t even imagine another way to give birth without Lori and her crew. Thanks to all.

Originally posted on social media May 4, 2018, moved to new website.
by Hailey P.
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