Highland Midwife Birth Services

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Date Added: 08/18/2019

5 stars

I just want to say if you are sick or anything, I highly recommend Silver Sage Herbal Tinctures and if you have any questions about what might be best for you, Lorri Carr is amazing and the person behind the magic. She has a tincture for almost anything. She also is the best midwife in the Columbia Gorge. I knew her even before having Gracen and she is one of the kindest people I have ever came across. I know I can be a bitter and I will admit pessimistic person sometimes (almost always), but she is really one of the few people who makes me feel like the people of world are not all lost and maybe the world could become a great and kind world again. Thank you for being you Lorri and helping me. I love, and appreciate you.
by Kayla M.
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