Highland Midwife Birth Services

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Date Added: 08/14/2021

5 stars

Moving here and finding out I was to have our 8th baby was scary because I didn't know the local midwife. However, this pregnancy was much easier than my last due to Lori's knowledge of what supplements I should be taking! Pregnancy at 43 was actually easier than my last pregnancy at 37! Having a Covid baby during the height of Covid (April 2020) was nerve-wracking as well. I was afraid my mom wouldn't be allowed to be there, but Lori's understanding of viruses and germs put us at ease. She is careful but not afraid of death or this virus. So, my mom was there, Emily (our other amazing midwife), my oldest daughter helped and of course my husband. No masking needed or wanted, hugs for everyone. It was wonderful. Afterwards she provided amazing support from a placenta tincture to a very constipated baby to even removing a tick head from 2 week old baby neck when the local doctor decided he'd rather not to attempt it. I felt extremely cared for and still call Lori and reccomend friends call her regarding health issues to get her take from an herbal medical standpoint. She is amazing at explaining complicated body process and why such and such works. Thank you, Lori. ♡
by Anna P.
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