Breastmilk Plus

  • Model: tinctblend-breastmilkplus
Date Added: 04/07/2011

5 stars

Lorri shipped me one of these when I found my breast milk production dropping. Within 72 hours I found noticeable improvement (pumping 1 oz/breast in 20 minutes to 2.5 oz/breast). After a 7 days I seemed to be close to normal production again... then I realized that I was pregnant and that caused the drop in available boobie milk. Lorri immediately sent me a new, pregnancy safe tincture that is very effective as well.

Also, when I realized that I could no longer use the original tincture, I sent it to a friend whose "striking" baby had lowered her production and she felt the tincture gave results in 3-4 days as well. THANKS SO MUCH LORRI for providing safe, natural apothecary services as an alternative to nasty "patent medicines." :)
by Jo Stagg
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