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Date Added: 03/21/2021

5 stars

Hi, I bought this product some months back in hopes that it would help me with chronic bladder infections. I suffered from a really bad infection as a child which landed me in the hospital and every since I have had issues. The last 3 years seen me going to the emergency room 4 times with terrible pain, bleeding and other unmentionables associated with bladder infection. I was getting frightened because I honestly did not know what I would do about this issue. I happened to be looking for a different type of product for someone I knew and I came across this blessed web sight hehe. I bought this product and honestly did not know what would happen but I was desperate. Well I will tell you what happened, it has been months and months and months and I have not had a bladder infection, no visits to the emergency room, and no fear of return of that terrible pain. After my first round taken as directed there was no more UTI. I have felt at least two times like it was possibly going to start again but I promptly took another round and .... no infection. I highly recommend this product. I must say that I was also employing other natural means to get rid of this issue with NO positive results. So I know the issue I have was serious but this tincture is magical (to me :) Thank you, thank you, thank you.
by Lisa S.
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