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Date Added: 01/24/2011

5 stars

For over two weeks now our daughter has been fighting a cold and for the last week we had seen no improvement (for reference point she is 4.5 months old). We tried a vaporizer in the room with tea tree oil, we tried tea tree oil rubbed on her chest and feet before bed, we tried breastmilk up her nose, we tried saline solution up her nose, i tried MEGA doses of vitamin C but nothing was helping her improve. All day she was coughing and well into the night as well. Some nights she would cough for an hour or more yet she could not get the mucus out of her lungs. I also have needed to suction her nose multiple times during the day and even night. She also had lost her voice.

So finally i bought some Mullin tincture and also some Silver from Lorri. She shipped them to us VERY quickly and i started giving our daughter the tinctures saturday night and then all day sunday. Last night (sunday night) was the first night she has not coughed in over a week!! I also did not have to suction her nose before bed like i have needed to do for 2 weeks now! And she was clear all night as well. She slept well and was easy to put to bed! I was amazed!! *I* finally got some sleep as well!

This morning she has started to cough a bit but she sounds so much better and she is actually getting the crud OUT of her lungs!!!! It's amazing!!

And so, this is me *highly* recommending these tinctures!
by Jillyn Allred
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