• Model: tinctblend-adrenassist
Date Added: 11/26/2020

5 stars

AdrenAssist was sent to me by a friend who knew I'd zeroed in on adrenal exhaustion as the cause of the problems I was experiencing. Despite excellent diet, health, exercise, etc., I was hitting rock bottom as far as my stamina goes. I had been going through an extended period of time of sustained mental stress in a situation with no end in sight. I'm pretty clever with alternative therapies but nothing was boosting me out of my problem. Within two days of using the AdrenAssist -- BOOM -- I felt a huge difference in my stamina. Nothing else had changed to account for the difference this powerful tincture made for me. I even went back to not needing the extra sleep I'd previously been craving which hadn't been helping at all. I will certainly continue to use AdrenAssist until I regain my balance (and maybe beyond). I highly recommend it!
by Nancy D.
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