PainLess essential oil blend

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Date Added: 11/11/2020

5 stars

I used this PainLess essential oil in the easy to use roll-on applicator for a debilitating injury with amazing results! I strained a ligament on my sacrum and hip while lifting weights at the gym. The next morning I couldn't roll over or take normal steps. It took me two hours to manage to get dressed! I couldn't get in and out of a car, twist or turn without stabbing, excruciating pain! My chiropractor told me I had a strain but could do nothing to help me. Even after four days and hours of soaking in some mineral hot springs, I still could barely walk. I had never felt so broken. I tried this PainLess oil and the results were amazing! Within 20 minutes of putting it on my pain level was reduced by about 50% and I could walk at *almost* a normal speed, still with a guarded gait. I needed to reapply the PainLess oil about every 3-4 hours for 5 days to be able to manage normal life tasks such as getting dressed, putting on shoes, etc. Every time I applied the rub it reduced my pain significantly within 20 minutes. Mind you, I had already tried high dose Ibuprofen and Aspirin and it didn't help at all. The best part of using the PainLess rub was how much it sped up the healing process. Every time I used it, I hurt less and less and I was able to gain more mobility back. Within one week I was back to normal and within two weeks I was back at the gym! Considering it normally takes 6-8 weeks to heal a strain I'd say that the inflammation reducing and tissue healing benefits of this oil are by far my most favorite soft tissue injury repair tool that I have ever tried!
by Emily T.
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