Brain Support: Think Again

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Date Added: 06/29/2021

5 stars

I am writing this review on the product Think Again after having seen it in use on my son for 10 months. This was purchased from Azzure Farms web site one day while I was looking desperately for something to help him. He suffered a massive brain injury of unknown cause in July of 2020. He was diagnosed with Hi Functioning Autism in his teens and has always been highly intelligent and susceptible to stress. However in July of 2020 He went to bed as a 28 year old man and woke up as a nine year old. He literally lost 19 years of memory. He began having seizures and lost motor function and the ability to talk. He was taken to the hospital where he stayed for many days most of which he spent unaware of who he was and where he was, it was shocking and heartbreaking to watch. He had a battery of testing done with no real results which still sounds ridiculous to me and they ended up sending him home on medication that the local neurologist took him off of quickly because of the devastating effects that the medication had on him. We were living and still are actually, under a mystery as to what this issue really is with him. I began giving Think Again at 10 drops a day and his dose has remained so. He has gradually began remembering to take it himself. He says it helps him think, to deal with stress, to keep on a train of thought without his mind wandering, to articulate his thoughts to others. He sees life as living instead of just existing again. He says he very much notices when he forgets to take it. As his 24/7 care giver I see an honest 80% improvement in him. He is more of himself and he can participate in life again. He contributes to the conversations in meaningful ways. I must say that he is also just started taking the product on this webpage called Sleep, and the product Stress, as well as engaging in Louise Hay's Positive Affirmations exercises for the last 4 months. All of these help, but I really believe that Think Again is the deciding factor in his long-term improvement that we have seen. We want to give special thanks to the amazing herbalist that puts together these amazing products. May your life be blessed, you give life.
by Lisa S.
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